• Paid fixed rate per word.
  • Paid fixed rate per 1000 views for the first 30 days after publication.
  • Earn bonus income for shares/likes/comments on social networks.
  • Payments sent automatically through PayPal.
  • Reports provided by Google in a comprehensive stats interface.
  • There is no cap on your earning potential.
  • Work with our editorial team to enhance your performance.
  • Your by-line is featured on all of your published work.
  • Build your reputation while having your work viewed by millions!


  • Write a minimum of 5 unique articles per month.
  • Possess sharp word-usage, punctuation and grammar skills.
  • The ability to source trending topics and write engaging viral content.
  • Adaptable and can write in a variety of styles for different audiences.
  • Possess strong research and fact-checking skills.
  • Monitor your stats and continuously work towards improving your results.


  • Piece rate per video plus results-based bonus system.
  • No boundaries on your creative scope or interests.
  • There is no cap on your earning potential.
  • You set your own pace for submissions.
  • All payments sent automatically through PayPal.
  • Production credits are attributed to you on all of your published work.
  • Build your reputation while having your work viewed by millions!


  • Good working knowledge of YouTube video styles.
  • All videos will include text and narration.
  • High production value and deep audience engagement.
  • All videos are reviewed and approved by our quality control team.
  • Videos will run 3 - 5 minutes and may combine footage and images.
  • Full access to our private music library.

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